the #wecouldgrowup2gether charm school lesson

lesson4_ sorry was never the hardest word, it's just the cheapest. asses out there abuse the word sorry every single day to pretend they are decent human beings so that they can get away with things or get the things they want; this kind of self-serving-ness, lack of genuineness, & all the ulterior motives deserve more than an eye-roll or two. the truth is, you say sorry not because you got caught or need an easy way out, but because you are truly ready to change the behavior you are apologising for, that is being responsible for the shit you have made & man enough to not do it again. for me, i rarely use the word, since i strive not to do anything that i would be uttering sorry for later. the concept is just this clean & simple, but it seems like not too many people out there grasp it. anyway, this drawing is a labour of love by the talented PORNPOT RODKROH