Sunday, May 04, 2014

currently reading :

around the pond printed on 200ish pages of matte texture paper with heaps of stories & photographs, this korean periodical entitled AROUND makes other fellow magazine like kinfolk look like a lazy ass. even though i do not understand a word in it, all those beauteous & earnest images whisper how much heart & soul the team has to offer. every issue takes us on a heartfelt journey in the areas of korean lifestyle, healing, travel & outdoorsy stuff. topics that intrigue me include how to make a hammock & how you felt when you own your first guitar. AROUND magazine sure reminds us on how important it is to cherish every simple yet glorious moments in our everyday life because those are way more priceless & poetic than the "likes" you could get in social media or which "famous" person you get to be in a group selfie with at a party


Unknown said...

your notion of appreciation for small things always moves/ inspires me. btw when I saw Dane Dehaan last Friday in Spiderman, I turned to my friend immediately n said "we could grow up together" n saw her confusion :D I guess I was just so into your aesthetic world

we could grow up 2gether said...

Dehaan is legit wcgut