san francisco is beautiful

beautiful sanfrancisco around 20 years ago, i came to the states for school & san francisco was the first american city i set foot in. here i watched phantom of the opera for the very first time & walking into urban outfitters thrilled the hell outta me so. two decades later, i have done a heaps of growing up & seen quite a lot of what the rest of this world can offer, i have to say revisiting this place kind of freaks me out a little bit since for an original city boy like me, too chilled of a city or too mellow of a pace is really not my cup of tea. but thanks to kim for showing me the real san fran & i begin to appreciate when people simply don't care what you wear or how much clout you have but just into the quality of living & taking it slow to enjoy the most; they smile a whole lot here & look you in the eye when they talk to you. not to mention the always-blue glorious skies & the sea breeze & the colourful houses & the fat sea lions at pier 39. this is actually a beautiful city