ema bday 6
ema bday 10 ema bday 9 ema bday 1 ema bday 2 ema bday 3 ema bday 4 ema bday 5 ema bday 7 ema was in town for a couple of days & we got to hang on a glorious sunny sunday. brunch at NAVY was obligatory & then we headed uptown for some shopping at BARNEYS. for our break before venturing into willismaburg, we had our LADURéE & cigarette break at central park. while big bird was taking a breather on a bench somewhere, the heat was melting our cake big time but who gave fuck when it still tasted so orgasmic. after running around too much in brooklyn ema was so beat she needed a nap by the east river, so she spread her just-purchased GREG LAUREN cape as a picnic blanket onto the grass ( now that's decadence ) & began to nap away, i trotted off to BAKERI for some cortados to go. dinner was at our usual - SAMURAI MAMA & we both sighed how the sunset came too early today