doolittle ex libris, a latin phrase meaning literally "from the books", is often used to indicate ownership of one’s book, just like saying "from the books of..." these bookplates were used by important people who could afford big ass personal libraries back in the days when books were valued as precious & priceless possessions. it was also believed that the first bookplates were used in germany back in the 16th century by christian monks & then the europeans & americans started picking up this practice. the one we got here with a frog in a jar on a book was illustrated by felix fu, a truly talented artist & visual storyteller who was born & raised in hong kong, my hometown! now living & working in newton, massachusetts, fu creates tiny watercolors that capture wonderful little things & moments in life that are oh so charming & whimsical. he even transforms his creations into stationery! simply go to FELIX DOOLITTLE & you shall see the magic