mood indigo

tumblr_mlexg3Lhlw1qzc84bo1_1280 mood-indigo-movie-image-3 this is a story about the thrill of finding love & the lost of watching that fades way. so a hell lot of smiling, giggling, & tearing up while watching this is totally understandable ... adapted from a boris vian novel, michel gondry’s latest cinematic creation entitled mood indigo is about an idyllic love affair that takes place in paris where you can ride a cloud shape saucer up high on your first date & have a paino that tailor makes a cocktail for you according to the tunes u play. gondry‘s overwhelming imagination is sprinkled with the wonderful juggling of stop motion, puppetry, & scale models, making this film a poetic crazy visual roller coaster ride that's never short of the sense of wonder from an endearing children’s book & an extraordinary artist’s larger than life fantasy. oh, & AMELIE is in it too! now u have to watch it