Sunday, August 31, 2014

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photo 2 factory 4 shooting at the factory 3
shooting at the factory 4 photo 4 factory 2 photo 3 shooting at the factory 8 photo 1 i forgot whether this is the east or the west of london town but all i know is that it's marvellous how artist couple molly & rufus welcomed us to their house for a photoshoot with two boys named james ( the long blonde one is from australia while the black curly hair is a native here ). this out of worldly home with a workshop where rufus builds stuff & does his silversmith works that will transport you to a time where fairy tales happen & what fascinates me the most is their collection of piano roll. this continuous roll of paper with perforations punched into it is a music storage medium used to operate a player piano. those perforation holes represent note control data & while the roll moves over a reading system known as a 'tracker bar', a musical note is triggered & the music begins

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