my secret garden

come away with me 1 somewhere at the west side & 79th street, there was a place that used to be known as the garden of the heart in central park. until 1916, it was then renamed to the shakespeare garden. these four acres of plants is filled with rosemary & pansies, alluded to by ophelia in hamlet, thistle, mentioned in the play much ado about nothing, & even a white mulberry tree that is said to have grown from a graft of a tree planted by shakespeare himself in 1602. bronze plaques with corresponding quotations from shakespeare's plays have been placed sporadically along the path to help you identify the various species of plant life while butterflies flutter around them gleefully. there has to be many many more beauteous corners in central park for me to explore for sure but this one by far is my favorite. i can just come here to sit on my bench in a lazy afternoon where there’s not many people around, illegally smoke my clove, & have a lovely moment all by myself feeling this is my one & only secret garden
come away with me 2 come away with me 3 come away with me 4 come away with me 5 IMG_2808 the shakespear garden 6 come away with me 7 come away with me 8