Friday, August 01, 2014

welcome to fine & dandy

fine & dandy shop 1 fine & dandy shop 2b fine & dandy shop 3
fine & dandy shop 4 fine & dandy shop 5 fine & dandy shop 6 fine & dandy shop 7 fine and dandy 8 fine & dandy shop 8 fine & dandy shop 9 fine & dandy shop 10 started as an online store back in 2008, FINE & DANDY is the love child of two dapper dudes named matt & enrique; their store, is exactly like the way they dress - on top of the foundation of what a dandy should be presented in the public, there is a kaleidoscopic sense of fun. & the eclectic collection of gentlemanly what-nots they sell will blow your mind away i'm telling you. after my visit, we all headed to the GOTHOM WEST MARKET for a bite & as we strutted down the streets in the buzzing neighbourhood of hell's kitchen, many folks would recognise these two & greet them & stuff. now that's what we call an institution people


Matthew Spade said...

you find the best places

Buckets & Spades

Andy Jackson said...

I want to visit now!!