cafe de rope 1 revised cafe de rope 2 cafe de rope 3 cafe de rope 4 greetings from isshiki beach in hayama, tokyo y'all! kaz, kei, nozomi & i took a a two hour train + bus ride to this lovely establishment called CAFE DE ROPE LA MER. originally opened in omotesando of harajuku back in 1972, this café was said to be the pioneer of open cafés where crowds of the fashionables posed, smoked, & congregated; also, this is the first place in japan to serve perrier, just so you know. now on the isshiki beach that is set against a backdrop of the imperial villa greenery, the beach house version of the cafe is a cultural hub where you can simply shop, eat, drink, & listen to the djs spinning their stuff. i am never the outdoorsy type but once in a while, sitting by the ocean, feeling that slight grease left on your skin by the salty breeze, watching your friends play in the water like they were still boys, sipping mojitos, & chain-smoking like there's no tomorrow, it was a hell of a good time
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