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mememe 3 mememe 4 mememe 7 mememe 6a mememe 5 mememe 8 one of the reasons why i love tokyo town so is that i feel welcomed & well received, always, like the girl over at coffee geek would say to me all wide-eyed, "i haven't seen you in a while!!!" or the sales folks at céline would giggle with me as i gasp for every piece in the store on omotesando. & the owner of my latest coffee shop discovery, MEMEME, is sweet enough to write me a list of places, in two pages enthusiastically, that i should be venturing to. his name is kohei & he's very much into vintage stuff, as well as a place called portland. keeping this lovely little cafe, located in a secret corner of shibuya, is something he loves doing so; he could care less how much business the cafe can bring since he's fortunate enough to have money coming in from other gigs. so it got me thinking, in the real world where work is always a bigger bitch than you & we all have to hustle to make ends meet, putting that hard earned money into creating something you believe in and would put a genuine smile on your face ( or even others' ) seems to be the right thing to do & the ultimate fantastic reward