what do i really do , work wise

many of you out there, including my parents, have a very vague idea of what do i do. well, i can tell you for sure that i don't have to blog to make a living. & while others are busy putting hip "professions" like "i host parties" or "i dj at events" on their social media profiles, i take pictures & write articles for magazines, & by articles, i mean not those advertorial kind; i creative direct & consult; & i also put together a periodical entitled the I.T POST twice a year. above & below you shall see two videos of the recent issues. so pretty much ima work horse, and not one of those show ponies whose priority is taking group selfies with their friends with benefit. i strive to create shit than would end up being something substantial, something you can actually see, even something you can hold on to, & something that makes u feel hopefully, instead of just a situational image that is the opposite of being truthful in a square of 2048 x 2048 which only exists in an app called the instagram