ramyeon for everyone !

ramen for everyone 1 ramen for everyone 2 the other day we were shooting near the han river in the butt freezing cold & started to get hungry. the nearest place that served food would be this old timey convenient store mini stop & the only hot food they had was ramyeon. as soon as SEUNG JUN & EO JIN heard the word RAMYEON they got excited! so "ramyeon it is!" & the ramyeon was cooked in this avant garde cooking machine thing that was supervised by the manager of the store who kept reminding everyone to put the egg in a minute before the cooking was done. the machine had a monitor counting down the cooking time with beeping sound so the game's on & it's like ramyeon cooking boot camp y'all! what's more hilarious was that ahjuma ( korean afro-sporting middle aged woman ) cashier sincerely recommend us to have the ramen with sausage on a stick & a can of tuna & she was right, the combo was awesome! everyone made slurppy sound, including the two kids next to our table, while savouring the ramyeon. simple pleasure & good times indeed
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