c'mon in to the children’s sculpture garden

children's sculpture graden 1 children's sculpture graden 2 children's sculpture graden 3 to mark the 200th anniversary of the diocese of new york back in 1985, the cathedral of saint john the divine's artist-in-residence greg wyatt sculpted this magnificent creation called the peace fountain. this 40 foot-high bronze sculpture weaves together several representations of the conflict between good & evil. we have the archangel michael embracing one of nine giraffes after his defeat of satan; we have moon-and-sun-like faces directing their hopeful gazes toward & away from amsterdam ave; & the fountain’s spiraling base takes inspiration from the double-helix of dna that you & i both have. what also amaze me so are the little mall bronze animal sculptures created by k-12 students via competitions. collectively known as the children’s sculpture garden, i have just found another beloved spot that whispers magic & beauty in this wondrous city called new york
children's sculpture graden 4 children's sculpture graden 5