englishly yours : walking' sticks

walking sticks there was a time when kings carried sceptres & merlin a wand. now men just have their cellphones in their hands. in-between those eras, british lads had their walking sticks. canes first appeared in about 1650 & a perfect gentleman would have a number of canes - a rustic one made of a stout wood for walking the dogs; another sober one for the office; & then a lighter one made of an exotic wood with a spectacular handle made out tortoise shell for a swell night at the opera. while peasants would carve their own canes, salors would use whalebone with whale teeth for the handles. there were also defence canes that could turn into a sword at the click of a button & some automaton canes in the form of a duck head or a bulldog, mischeviously designed so that the mouth could open to hold gloves, now that's some real swag ,