highlight from the agi & sam a w 2015 show

agi 1
agi 2 agi 3 agi 4 agi 5 agi 6 this collection took inspiration from agi's drawing of a clothing rage entitled "the coolman collection" created when he was four. next the design duo got in touch with their old primary schools to ask today's kids about their favourite clothes, & what they wished clothing could do. coats & jackets were then ripped apart into pieces for the children to put them back together with velcro like how they played with puzzles; certain prints were also painted by children & then patchworked onto the coats. all these shenanigans & creations had formed the basis of entirely new garments. "we wanted to look at how children see clothes, & how they possibly could change our perceptions of why clothes are made the way they are." agi & sam say. so never underestimate the wonder one child can have