highlights from the alexander mcqueen a w 2015 show

mcqueen 2015 fall 3
mcqueen 2015 fall 4 mcqueen 2015 fall 1 mcqueen 2015 fall 8 mcqueen 2015 fall 5 mcqueen 2015 fall 2 mcqueen 2015 fall 7 mcqueen 2015 fall 6 mcqueen 2015 fall 9 the words “valour, truth, & honour” were printed on pinstripe suits that opened the mcqueen show in a warehouse in lambeth. brocade crosses embraced chesterfield frock coats which somehow reminded us the design of the scottish flag; the gathering of crystal became medallions decorating those jacquard tabards; army jackets were equipped with saddle-bag pockets. then the show note whispered, “at work and at war, the dress uniform has long stood as a symbol that all men are equal in the face of duty - sharing equal honour, valour, and truth - and this season the house of mcqueen uses that tradition to take apart the class separations associated with the british heritage silhouette." after all, this is a collection that bring the tailoring of savile row & the glory of military uniform together