the low library of columbia university

the low library 1
the low library 2 the low library 3 the low library 4 the low library 5 the low library 6 the low library 7 the low library 8 the low library 9 in the shape of a greek cross & features windows modeled on those of the baths of diocletian, the low memorial library of columbia university was built in 1895 by university president seth low as the central library, as well as the focal point of the university's morningside heights campus. the neo-classical style of the architecture has incorporated many of the elements of rome's pantheon. those columns on the library's front facade are in the ionic order, suited to institutions of arts & letters. also an inscription on the building's attic describes the history of this institute. home to daniel chester french's sculpture, alma mater ( a university symbol ), the glorious steps leading to the library's columned facade are also a popular spot for students to meet & congregate