let me introduce you to mr . bloody

bloody 1 bloody 2 bloody 3 in a world where conforming to what society wants you to be seems the easy way out, mr. bloody, a self-taught illustrator & a korean literature major, is busy studying hard so that one day a good old company would hire him & perhaps a good life would follow ... yet all the drainnng hard work does not excite him or make him happy, so he seeks solace & inspiration in creating a cartoon character named @mr_bloody_ on instagram
bloody 4 bloody 5 when the character mr. bloody first came to life, he had no name & those blood stains were just accidental ink splash in red. since it’s convenient to associate red ink mark with blood, the name bloody became a fitting choice. to mr. bloody the illustrator, he truly believes that the more we recognize mr. bloody the character & the more we rejoice his adventures, the longer & funner his animated life would be. bloody 6 bloody 7 to me, i really enjoy & admire mr. bloody’s humor, melancholy, creativity, & sense of wonder; it’s very #wecouldgrowup2gether with a little wickedness & a tiny splash of blood. & that is why i follow him without a doubt. & just so you know i only follow folks who work hard to create, not those whose selfies dominate 9 of out the 12 squares on instagram. oh, & my loyalty will always follow those who fall hard but get right back up to carry the fuck on. #livingforlove ::clap:: #livingforlove ::clap::