seoul 情定南山塔 tower

seoul tower 1 seoul tower 2b seoul tower 3 seoul tower 4b seoul tower 5b as our making of the interview story continued, we decided to take our favorite JOO EO JIN 주어진‬ ‬ up to the top of seoul for a little adventure! much akin to the pont de l’archevêché in paris, those with the burning romantic hearts come up here to the n seoul tower to leave their locks of all shapes & sizes, scribbled in hand written messages, just to declare their love. after putting up the lock, the usually practice would be throwing away the key off the hillside so that no one can find the it to unlock & ruin the eternal love slash happy ending, but our mother earth cannot be pissed no more, so you can simply drop your key in the postbox of love afterwards & part of the revenue from the keys collected in the postbox would be donated to underprivileged children. yes, our quest for love & dreams should never be at the expense of others