skin스킨십 ship

skinship small 1 skinship small 2b one of the things i always enjoy seeing in & love dearly about seoul is that very common non-sexual physical contact between members of the same sex. boys walking arm in arm heading to places, older gentlemen having long handshakes as if they don’t want to let go at all, or warm soulful hugs with exclamation among platonic friends are always encouraged here. while they do it, they reveal their innerchild from within & i find that so beautiful. this kind of bonding with passion & sweetness is called seukinship 스킨십, a term borrowed from the japanese word skinship, a portmanteau combining "skin" with the last syllable of "friendship", which originally describes the bonding between parents & their child while washing each other at a bath. very very #wecouldgrowup2gether indeed. here, we have a wonderful photograph of seukinship demonstrated by two golden boys of the seoul modeling world joo eo jin & ahn seung jun