we are interviewing : ahn seung jun 안승준

interviewing jun 6 interviewing jun 2 interviewing jun 4 interviewing jun 5 remember AHN SEUNG JUN 안승준‬ from last november? he's one of the boys we are interviewing this time & we got to sit down at an ice cream parlor for a quick chat. this 19 year old kid turns out to be incredibly perceptive & very sharp with loads of quirks & charms. his voice sounds like a cartoon character & he knows how to give a variety of poses before you even ask him to. one of the truth he realized about this industry is that it is not about the how hardworking you have to be anymore, but how hard you network with the people that can get you places. also, one of his career goals is to do his job effortlessly, like this is just his hobby or something, but in the meantime come out with great work that would overshadow those who does it profressionally. & if there would be a magical portal that can get him anywhere he desires, iceland is the place. rings, spectacles, & rubic's cubes are amongst some of his favorite things