i am big bird : the caroll spinney story

big bird 1 big bird 2 big bird 3 i admire those researchers who live with gorillas in the jungle for ages or those muppeteers from my beloved sesame street who hardly show their faces to the public. one common thing they all share is that love, passion, & dedication they put into what they do; & most importantly, that sense of wonder in their eyes, which is the exact opposite of the fame-whoring-ness we see exuding from a lot of people these days. carol spinney, the puppeteer, also a cartoonist, has been playing big bird & oscar the groucwh for more than 40 years. his glorious story reminds us that it's okay to be different & not fitting in, but as long as you don't lose heart in what you do & what you believe in, you shall always find a way to strive & bloom & create something beauteous