the day i put on my first pair of cros & have a cigarette break at studio contact in tokyo

crocs 1 crocs 2 crocs 3 crocs 4 crocs 5 crocs 6 crocs 7 if you've been to japan before, you'd have known before stepping into someone's lovely home or a sick ass studio, it's the polite thing to take off your fancy shoes & put on a pair of slippers. so here am i putting on a pair of CROCS for the fucking first time & oh, my! they feel like you have nothing on at all & you're like skipping in never-neverland with a buttload of insouciance. besides, they go splendidly well with a rainly day cigarette break. oh, in case you're like wondering "quien es esa nina, who's that girl?" in the totoro terry cotton cape, she japan superstar slash fun gurl KIKO MIZUHARA