constant as a northern star

northern star 1 northern star 2 northern star 3
northern star 4 northern star 5 northern star 6 northern star 7 northern star 8 northern star 8jpg northern star 9 northern star 10 northern star 11 northern star 12 back in the beginning of the summer that just passed, we all got to meet in seoul for the weekend to do a shoot with these 3 goofy seoul boys - 권현빈 hyunbinkwon, 이요백 yiyobaek, & 정혁 junghyuk. there were mountain climbing, river crossing, angel yelling “20 more looks!”, & a whole lot of laughter even thought we were in a time crunch running around different locations with perpet doing whatever she could to get these three kids into heavy layery winter clothes swiftly. at the end we pulled it off; we pulled it off splendidly, simply because we were so united by our passion & we all worked as hard as we could. i guess we are all work horses – a dying breed like tarsier, blue whale, or amur leopard. in an age where work smarter trumps work harder & show ponies are always glorified as something aspirational, everybody wants results, fame, & success fast. & they’d do whatever it takes to get there, like having seasonal friends with more benefits just for the sake of more “likes” & exposure, or taking advantage of people while pretending they are philanthropic descent human beings. well, perhaps in their heads the end justifies the means but to us it’s the creative process that matters. we simply have the purist glee striving to take each step of this creative process with as much as integrity & diligence as possible. so “let us not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap, if we faint not.” & we shall keep on trying to see the world as it should be, but not as it is. call us fools but we believe that certain morals or traditional values are meant to be preserved beauteously. the calltime of this shoot was 7am & we finished a little after sundown. as the girls were packing shit up & stuffing everything back into the van (filled with korean mosquitos!), i took a moment to sit my ass down, looking at the sky with rosy clouds where the stars began to gleam, smoking a this plus cigarette, & listening to madonna’s veni vidi vici through my ipod. the chorus goes a little something like this, “i was constant as a northern star. i had a fire burning in my heart. i never gave up fighting in the dark …” i was nodding my head. i was happy. i was doing ok & i know i shall be too