nothing's better than wrapping a shoot with some steaming hot ramen

ramen wrap 2 ramen wrap 1 ramen wrap 3 ramen wrap 4
ramen wrap 5 ramen wrap 6 ramen wrap 7 the other day, after finished shooting with hee soo & yuri by the han river, we all had ramen & some fishcakes as a wrap, this has become a very #wecouldgrowup2gether tradition in seoul. some bitches might be like rolling their eyes & say ramen? really? but i guess when u love what you do, something as simple as ramen could make the glorious finale. u might be working your big ass jobs & making your big bucks, but at the end of the day, you need some fancy expensive bottles of wine or a joint or two to make that long day a little less unbearable? i'd rather have a fun work day with ramen as a treat while enjoying the setting sun