whatever happened to gracefulness, or anything that is good ?

grace call me old fashioned all you want. morals, standard, & old world charm mean a hell lot to me; so are authenticity, genuineness, as well as gracefulness. those are the things that make this world truly beautiful. but then came the internet & a thing call social media. now everyone is after fame, fortune, followers, & forgot the importance of virtues. looking for a "best friend with benefit" for a collab to generate more likes is the new definition of friendship. putting on a pair of tights with jersey shorts over them jogging at night with your squad is not for the sake of well being but a handsome sponsorship from nike. girls wearing make up that is a result of animal testing & overpriced leather jackets in instagram posts singing they are against animal cruelty become aspirations or role models. the worst of all is, volunteering or doing charity work becomes a "business model" instead of a natural instinct that blooms from the bottom of your heart, which was supposed to be good. i guess time has changed now. welcome to an age where chai-na has all the money & lady gaga is a golden globe winner