Sunday, January 10, 2016

whatever happened to gracefulness, or anything that is good ?

grace call me old fashioned all you want. morals, standard, & old world charm mean a hell lot to me; so are authenticity, genuineness, as well as gracefulness. those are the things that make this world truly beautiful. but then came the internet & a thing call social media. now everyone is after fame, fortune, followers, & forgot the importance of virtues. looking for a "best friend with benefit" for a collab to generate more likes is the new definition of friendship. putting on a pair of tights with jersey shorts over them jogging at night with your squad is not for the sake of well being but a handsome sponsorship from nike. girls wearing make up that is a result of animal testing & overpriced leather jackets in instagram posts singing they are against animal cruelty become aspirations or role models. the worst of all is, volunteering or doing charity work becomes a "business model" instead of a natural instinct that blooms from the bottom of your heart, which was supposed to be good. i guess time has changed now. welcome to an age where chai-na has all the money & lady gaga is a golden globe winner


JasonK said...

I think you are right, your vision is right, i totally understand you, nowadays there is a thing called friendship with benefits i wrote an article about it, in our age its normal to sleep with your friend, but is it safe?you can loose your friend, or get hurt if you want something more and get rejected!please enjoy!

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