the day that kaz took me to the paddler's coffee

paddlers coffee 1
paddlers coffee 2 paddlers coffee 3 paddlers coffee 4 paddlers coffee 5 paddlers coffee 6 paddlers coffee 7 started out as a pop-up coffee stand at LIFE SON, PADDLER's COFFEE has grown beauteously into an establishment where low key coffee aficionados from around the world congregate. located in the neighborhood of nishihara, this coffee place has a good vibe of a tree house all made out of wood. inside you have a little vintage shop, a communal table in the center, some portland-made furniture, & all the STUMPTOWN COFFEE you can drink. the name paddlers actually comes from the saying "paddle out," it’s about going with the flow. so there's no need to rush, no need to front, just sip your coffee & enjoy the time. ( oh, it opens at 7:30am especially for all the morning birds like you & me )