his name is timur simakof

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timur blog 3 timur blog 4 timur blog 5 timur blog 6 timur blog 7 here is a story i did with TIMUR SIMAKOF in GUCCI for ELLE MEN HONG KONG. this soft spoken boy with locks that would flow poetically in the wind was born in uzbekistan. his russian & asian origins make him incredibly unique & beauteous. harmony, peace, & good deeds are among the things he believes in & he's constantly sojourning this world to search for a place called home. when he was checking the pictures i took of him through the screen of my camera, a simple "you see beauty" came out from his lips. i just like quiet people with no bullshit, not only because they are usually super observant, but also the fact that confidence is always quiet, & insecurity is just loud & obnoxious