the white coffee

white coffee founded by perfumer, photographer, & musician rami mekdachi, LOLA JAMES HARPER is not just an ordinary site selling candles & perfumes that have unique & unforgettable names, nor it is a concept store ... which has become a cliche these days. it is indeed a platform where intimate creative collaborations between mekdachi & people who he gives a fuck about takes place, in the forms of music, photography, furniture, & perfume, or better yet, i'd call it a scrapbook of mekdachi's adventures & friendships that he has encountered & experience since he was a teenager; this perfume i got is entitled the white coffee on teta balcony, which is inspired by mekadachi's friend teta, who always serves her guests an oriental beverage with the same name. the drink is made of natural orange blossom with honey & hot water