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gogaha blog 2 gogaha blog 3 gogaha blog 4 gogaha blog 5 gogaha blog 6 gogaha blog 7 gogaha blog 8 gogaha blog 9 gogaha blog 10 gogaha blog 11 when it comes to deciding which airbnb ima take in tokyo town, the first criteria would be a location that is called nakameguro, or at least be somewhere close enough. the serene canal in summer time, the decency & politeness of the people, & how the late afternoon sun hits the little streets all makes it the perfect neighbourhood for a home away from home. & now comes one more reason why this hood is so blessed with never ending charm - the NAKAMEGURO KOUKASHITA. this beauteous renovation project has transformed the old & abandoned space under the city’s elevated railways in the area into a complex of restaurants, shops, & a TSUTAYA bookstore that stays open till midnight, with a starbucks inside. though it may be a a commercial strip that stretches for a total of 700m, each establishment has its own distinct personality & charisma that would charm and win you over. you can get your seasonal flowers from the floral shop, enjoy some freshly baked buns early in morning with a cup of coffee in the bakery, or you can just stay out late enjoying dishes of raw seafood at a standing bar while getting drunk on sake ... so this is simply the hub for you to hang out, taste great food, get hammered, & even learn a little from something called books! i guess this is what the genius japanese has always been capable of creating, & also what diana vreeland meant in one of her musings, "the continual renewal of inspiration."