Wednesday, November 05, 2008

liquor store

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it was election day's afternoon and since i couldn't vote, i hopped into the J CREW'S LIQUOR STORE in tribeca instead. first thing the cocky white boys working there, very helpful thought, did was to offer me a cocktail from the bar inside the shop. it was all beer to the other customers and obviously i looked fruity enough for a mixed drink. i loved it already. then i bought 2 shirts, one from thomas mason for j crew and both in extra small! yes, they sell xs there; "only here, not even online." one of the cocky boys in curly dark hair said. me like cocky.


LYNN and HORST said...

yes, this men's shop seems to offer nice men

Glutlicht. said...

I really like the photography and the atmosphere in your blog!!!
Greetings from Germany!

Ca said...

Haha... extra small.

IƱaki said...

That place looks lush!!

.girl ferment. said...

looks like a great place
i want to do mens shopping there

do you think i would get a cocktail or beer?

seems like you have an E.T radar! thanks for the gorgeous comments on my bloggy

numerocuatro said...

great concept.
lovely atmosphere.

thwany said...

i've been meaning to check this place out.

Thomas said...

i heart j crew! & great to know they have x-small :)