Thursday, November 06, 2008

spring awakening, finally

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been trying to see SPRING AWAKENING for over a year and finally made it. it's not rent but hunter parrish is cute. but what's cuter is blake daniel! loves when he sings "o, i’m gonna be wounded, o, i’m gonna be your wound."


e*ma said...

blake dan is soooo cute..heehheeh i went to ruehl last nite to check out the sales jai jai and they said " go go obama " to me heheheheheheh

Sacha Hilton said...

Thank you very much for your nice!

Thomas Guénot said...

Love it !!! =)


Unknown said...

I saw spring awakening with the original cast, and was a bit hesitate seeing it with the new cast, but you make a good case. I love the show and even bought the original soundtrack, can't wait to see it again.