Monday, November 15, 2010

benoni loos

DNA 's benoni loos is from antwerp and he reminds me of a young handsome version of mr. burns from the simpsons. he came into a casting with a black plastic bag holding his book (which btw keeps his old metrocards, giggles) and i just burst into a major laughter! then he laught with me and blushed a little bit. aww. and i was like, i got to shoot this kid!


coin-operated ninja said...

gotta love how he nonchalantly speaks out his mind too! TEAM BENONI!!!

M.L. said...

i love benoni. he's my fav <3
but why didn'z you gave him some LIP BALM :D he has a cracked lips and that'a a no, no:PP

benoni :) superb.

we could grow up 2gether said...

they come to casting with no make up gurl!

M.L. said...

lip balm is no make up :D