Thursday, October 13, 2011

i'm still waiting for my curtain cAll

curtain call 1
curtain call 2
curtain call 3
curtain call 4
curtain call 5
curtain call 6
curtain call 7
curtain call 8
my story for the oct issue of men's uno hong kong with oliver welton. and the reason why i love this story so dearly is that the colors i was able to capture in these photographs are the colors i usually see in my dreams


james v. said...

These photos are beautiful.

victor said...

this is amazing.

Anonymous said...

i first saw them when i was flipping the magazine. i was thinking, nice pictures, and than i paused, and went back to the first page of the pictures to see if your name was on it because it felt so WCGUT. very very nice :D


Anonymous said...

and i saw them in men's uno taiwan :D


odessa said...

love these photos! the colors are so lovely!