Friday, October 14, 2011

Moustache Autumn Preview

moustache 1
moustache 2
moustache 3
moustache 4
moustache 5
moustache 6
moustache 7
moustache 8
moustache 9
moustache 10
moustache 11
i stopped by ellis and alex's MOUSTACHE the other day for their autumn preview. all those corduroys, swimming costumes and piped pyjamas are just so we-could-grow-up-2gether, especially their whale short shorts. and a new bespoke denim service, a collaboration with japanese dungaree masters kurashiki / BETTY SMITH is just dynamite! you can choose from cashmere to prince of wales checks to houndstooth denim to create the most original bespoke jeans ever and customize them with hand crafted buttons and stuff. the spiffy new interior of the shop now celebrates a maritime theme. with a medicine chest full of nag champa soap, geo. f. trumper colognes and indian attars, you will not leave the shop empty handed. what also caught my eyes are the lovely shoes designed by OLIVIER de MOLINA. ostrich leather with shocking pink shoelaces? what's not to love


Charles said...

What an eclectic place!

Cez said...

love the firt and the last pic....j'adore!!!

Matthew Spade said...

i enjoyed this a lot

Anonymous said...

hi k,

always love your blog.

is there any website for moustache brand? can't seemed to find it. please advise. i appreciate.

take care.


we could grow up 2gether said...

simply click the word "moustache" in the text and u will get there

Anonymous said...

any idea of the time frames for the bespoke denim ( were only going to be in HK for a week) ,p.s love your work, one of my fav blogs :)norman