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everyone who reads this blog has to go see HUGO, the most wcgut movie of the year. it is originated from this magical book entitled THE INVENTION OF HUGO CABRET by brian selznick - a story about hugo, who's an orphan, a clock keeper, a thief and a dreamer that just does not give up. he lives in the walls of a paris train station. the story involves a treasured notebook, a stolen key in the shape of a heart, a beautiful striped sweater that hugo wears, and a mechanical man. but the main message is about how this world is a big fat machine, that comes with no extra part, cos each of us is a part in this machine that cannot be replaced, hence we all come in here with a unique purpose; and we need to not give up on that. the movie also reminds us how movie magic is nothing but the purest form of turning imaginations and dreams into inspirations, something that i always strive to do. so like what georges méliès says in the story,"all you mermaids, travelers, adventurers, and magicians ... come dream with me"