once upon a time ...

herringbone norfolk 2
... a tiny chinaman went to the brooklyn flea in a small town called williamsburg. a nice middle aged lady with long curly thick gray hair was like, "why don't you try that brown herringbone jacket at the end of the rack and see. all the boys have been trying that on but none is small enough to fit into it." so chinaman put it on and then he gasped. the blazer with olive lining with horses on it fit like a glove. both the lady and he were thrilled to the bones. the lady even asked her friends in the market to gather around to witness this moment saying "we have a candidate! we have a candidate!" the chinaman looked at his reflection on the rusty chippy old mirror and said, "i'm cinderella." the norfolk jacket only costed him 40 bucks
herringbone norfolk 1