Monday, January 30, 2012

@ the Maltby market

maltby 1
maltby 4
more maltby 5
maltby 6
more maltby 3
maltby 2
maltby 9
more maltby 4
maltby 3
maltby 10
maltby 5
more maltby 1
maltby 7
t'was a saturday morning of sunshine and smiles at the maltby market. all the kaleidoscopic fresh fruits and orgasmic ST. JOHN custard donuts and friendly faces made my day. i got some guatemala finca la pila beans from the lovely MONMOUTH COFFEE COMPANY to take home with. they smell so good. sniff sniff


George G said...

The main question is, WHO is the hot blond??

Matthew Spade said...

you seemed to have been in london for yonks, glad it's been a good time

we could grow up 2gether said...

boooo u whore! i will tell him that tho
and yes, mat, yonksyonksyonks!

Anonymous said...

Who is the guy, he looks familiar....

Unknown said...

wish the guy was ur b--------f, really, coz I can't help imagining all the cute pix of urs were taken by him, u really deserve a cute boyfriend like that ;)
(that seems to be the only thing u left to tell in ur dreamy blog!)

we could grow up 2gether said...

Lol! Na, he's a friend

Unknown said...

haha alright, but plz do "show off" if there's a Mr Someone :P
would love to praise, sincerely !