another mickey watch

mickey army 2 mickey army 1 remember the MICKEY MOUSE WATCH i got last year? well, i just got another one with a green dial! here's a little history lesson : the mickey mouse watch for boys was first launched at the 1933 chicago exposition 'century of progress', five years after his debut in steamboat willie. the watch's pin lever movement was actually surplus left over from the great war. in the next year the series headed to britain. ingersoll was the first company that manufactured those. more than 11,000 were sold at macy’s in new york the first day it was released to the public with a retail price just under 3 frigging bucks. new classics like the famous mickey and minnie mod watches were introduced in the '60s. at the beginning of the '70s marked the arrival of the famous backwards goofy watch. and it seems like japan is the only place that makes these watches with mickey's gloved hands rotating around as the hands of the clock now; and they make them good here