the #wecouldgrowup2gether charm school lesson :

lesson 2 eye contact a toast - a ritual in which a drink is taken as an expression of goodwill or honor; it also forms the basis of the literary & performance genre, think mark twain's "to the babies". here's a couple of things you need to remember, at a gathering, none should offer a toast to the guest of honor until the host has had the opportunity to do so; putting your glass down before the toast is complete, or simply holding it without drinking is regarded as impolite, cos that shows you do not share the benevolent sentiments expressed in the toast at frigging all; while in private company, no one should take the first sip of wine before having toasted every other person at the table, & in doing this, look directly into the other drinker's eyes since it's just considered darn rude not to, & humorously, believed to attract bad luck. this lovely drawing is by PORNPOT RODKROH