true love sweet potato 真愛蕃薯

sweet potato 1 sweet potato 2 sweet potato 3 when it's almost midnight & you were heading back to the hotel on an icy street in seoul where the wind froze your ass & the street lights gleamed with empathy, then you passed by this fine young korean gentleman in smart coiffed hair & a navy blue duffle coat that fit becomingly selling steamy hot sweet potatoes, it'd be diabolical not to indulge in the moment & get one. so i did, with honey & extra caramel toppings … it took him quite sometime to made that toaster work & he didn't speak much english but he gave me an extra potato saying the word "service", i guessed it was a kind gesture to reward my patience. after that i headed back to the hotel, took numerous bites on the way, all warmed up, & felt like high school ( the time i had my very first crush ) all over again