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books of wonder 4 books of wonder 5 books of wonder 6 books of wonder 7 books of wonder 8 books of wonder 9 every time when I visit BOOKS OF WONDER, i feel like meg ryan in YOU'VE GOT MAIL. this endearing establishment opened its door in 1980. it first started as a tiny, hole-in-the-wall shop with barely 200 square feet enchanted with bookshelves hand-built by 20-year-old founder, peter glassman & his partner james carey. originally intent to be a store devoted primarily to antique children's books, it has grown into the largest children's bookstore in new york city at 16 west 18th st with its publishing division that has reissued all 14 of l. frank baum’s classic oz books with all their original full color illustrations as baum & his artists originally envisioned them. even meg ryan spent a day working at the shop to prepare for her role in the film. the bookstore also was asked to send staff members up to assist so the film’s store would look authentic. its large selection of old, rare, & collectible children’s books plus the gallery displaying original art & graphics from the magnificent world of children’s books always calms me & put a big fat smile on my face. oh for every purchase, they will give you a coupon for the next time you get yourself into the next big adventure in the literary world of children's books where that sense of wonder can never be replaced by anything else. & yes, shall i to be someone in a romantic comedy that takes place in this lovely city, my answer would always be meg ryan. the way she carries herself & the way she dresses & that quirky charm with loads of hearts are just simply wonderful, just like this place books of wonder title