"close your eyes , make a wish , count to 3 ... "

charlie musical 1 charlie musical 2 charlie musical 3 charlie musical 4b i find how much a designer devotes his or her blood & sweat & creativity into a collection respectable but it's the hoohaa around the fashion week, including all those starfuckers, self-serving-ness, frontrow cunts, & streetstyle famewhores, just makes it a fiesta without any heart & soul. so in order to do a little detox, i decided to skip to the theatre & experience a musical story that is something never short of magic. i love musicals a hell lot, that parting of the last set & the descending of a new one always brings you hope; the unity of all the performers' hearts creates a dynamic that never ceases to invigorate. & in this story of pure imagination you see a paper plane flies into a cold night sky, an innocent wish of a fine young boy comes true, ideas from a notebook transform into something awesome, a great glass elevator that lifts you up with so much inspiration, & last but not least - how being good is just good enough. this is THE CHARLIE & THE CHOCOLATE FACTORY MUSICAL. it's the most wecouldgrowup2gether musical ever & not only i've watched it twice, i cried oh so many tears ... ok kwannam snap out of it because just like mr. wonka & charlie would say, "no time to dally when wonders await!"