the fantastic xander zhou 2015 a w collection

野西 1 野西 2 野西 3
野西 4 野西 5 野西 6 野西 7 野西 8 野西 9 野西 10 野西 11 野西 12 野西 13 chinese-born, dutch-educated fashion designer xander zhou takes us back to the 70's cowboy menswear genre with the hotness of many fringes, the right amount of furs, sexy leather shorts, & some destroyed denim. the graphics of chevrons highlight the inevitable collar tips while diamond patchwork creates sassy illusion for our eyes. overcoats are made of basket weave while badges of chinese characters drawn by calligrapher wang dan proves the east-meets-west cliche can be done tastefully. once again, from this fantastic collection, we learn that camp can be delivered with classy craftsmanship. so yeehaw!