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pinicchio hardcover 3 pinicchio hardcover 4 originally written by italian writer carlo collodi as a fictional character & the protagonist of the children's novel the adventures of pinocchio in 1883, pinocchio, like other western literacy heroes such as gilgamesh & odysseus, has been described as an epic hero since he descends into hell yet also experiences rebirth through metamorphosis; this wooden puppet eventually transforms him into a real boy, when he finally acquires a deeper understanding of himself & the importance of being brave, truthful, & unselfish. this special hardcover edition is illustrated by grahame baker-smith. when i first locked eyes with this story book from a far in the isles of BOOKS OF WONDER, i gasp & ran to it immediately. as soon as i hold it in my hands, i got tear eyes & decided i have to have this. after all, this is always my favorite story of all time