come on in to Frank's

franks 1 chang jin woo, a not-yet-thirty photographer turned chef slash restaurateur, has transformed a small old alley called hoenamugil 회나무길, in the area of gyeongridan 경리단, into a little hub where you can hang the hell out with loads of fun, great food, & genuine service. among his many establishments over here, including my favorite dining spot in seoul named THE GRAND BLEU, FRANK'S, ‘the gourmet specialty cake shop’, is his latest fantastic venture. so come on in for a break with a juicy panini & multiple cocktails underneathe a canopy of dried flowers; you can even indulge with all kinds of sweets like the fig tart, made with fresh figs from korea, or the infamous rainbow cake, a soft roll cake infused with rainbow spectrum & filled with earl grey custard crème, or even the mendl's cake, yes! those from wes anderson’s the grand budapest hotel
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