Tuesday, March 03, 2015

portrait in jazz

bill evans & me 1 eight months after his glorious collaboration with miles davis on the legendary album kind of blue, bill evans recorded portrait in jazz in december 28th 1959 in new york, creating a more-uptempo-than-usual swinging album that helped change the direction of modern jazz. designed by paul bacon, who has designed over 2000 record covers, & photographed by melvin sokolsky, who was invited to join the staff of harper's bazaar at the age 21, this album, musically & aesthetically, remains as a very prominent source of inspiration to me. that hair, that color palette, that pair of glasses, & all those ballads ... bill evans & me 2


Anonymous said...

Love the cord blazer. How very Wes Anderson of you.

Anonymous said...

Very nice post. Very good record. I agree with you.

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